City of Design Conference

Today, Mike Press held a conference at DJCAD featuring key partners In Dundee City of Design, starting with Tara Wainwright, head of media at the V&A Dundee, followed up by Gillian Easson, the director of Creative Dundee. Both were fantastic and very inspiring. I was left feeling proud to be living and studying in such an creative little city, wanting to be a part of the community contributing to improve the design in Dundee.

Every time I hear about the V&A Dundee I get more excited about the future of Dundee. The beautiful building, inspired by the cliffs of the North East, was designed by architect Kengo Kumo. Tara had brought in an Oculus head piece which let you experience what Dundee’s waterfront is going to be like in 2 years time, amazing! Animated visual tours are also online which I’d definitely recommend having a look at.

I feel as though I’ve been living under a rock since I’ve moved here as It was only in this conference It was brought to light how many events are going on throughout the city. Creative Dundee holds a quarterly Pecha Kucha (Japanese for chit chat) which looks especially interesting, and a great way to meet other creative minds in the community. I’ll surely be getting a ticket once they’re released before they sell out, the last Pecha Kucha sold out within two days. There’s a link to the website here which will give you a bit more insight on the event:

In the Afternoon we had Anna Marrs talking about Dundee’s UNESCO City of Design. I was amazed by all the other cities awarded the UNESCO City of Design, Beijing and Berlin included. I find Dundee being in the same party really outstanding, especially for such a small city. It’s great to see it getting the recognition it deserves.

We ended with a talk by Ali McGill, Head of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, and Taylor Stille, a Textile student at DJCAD and SIE intern. It was great to see all the opportunities for the students in Dundee and really left me feeling like I want to make the most of my time as a student here by taking up every opportunity I get and going to every event I can. With so much going on in Dundee just now it would be silly not to get involved in such a creative, inspiring and connected community, and be a part of Dundee’s exciting future.


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