Creative Dundee: Make / Share

Tonight was my first time attending a make / share event held by Creative Dundee. The Theme was collaboration which fit perfectly with my current change by design project, a collaboration will other DCJAD students to produce a magazine about the growing design in Dundee. It was great to see how everyone supported each other with their ideas and projects they’re working on. I find talking out in a group or a class I start fidgeting, get a lump in my throat and sweaty hands before I can even finish a sentence. However, I feel the atmosphere this event is held in is perfect; dimmed lighting, coffee, sofas and friendly faces; everything you need to feel comfortable and talk bout your own ideas and opinions. There were some great talks on tonight from game developing to jewellery. Creative Dundee really is a great little organisation to get your voice heard, make a difference and see what others are doing in Dundee. I never expected  everyone to be so close, friendly and positive. I will definitely be attending the next one!

12074617_10153277063804702_459851388745703792_n12115587_10153277063759702_7714947151580907624_n creative dundee video game


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