Along Came Kirsty

Today I visited Along Came Kirsty, a profit free organisation that helps charities organise things such as events and fundraising. Megan Brown and I went along to interview Anthea Reid who is part of the ACK team. Anthea is such a driven woman who spoke so passionately about her roll in ACK. I would urge everyone to look into Along Came Kirsty and what they do, it is inspiring to say the least. The organisation itself is still relatively new and has such potential, I personally can not wait to see what is next for ACK. I am from a small town with little hope; Peterhead. A recent study has shown that people from Peterhead are ten times more likely to end up in prison than those from Ellon (another town 15 miles away). With a massive drug problem and little creativity in the town, I feel an organisation like ACK is exactly what the town needs. The visit today has inspired me to get involved, volunteer and help where help is needed, and hopefully in the future use the skills learned to help other communities that need it. I look forward to having the chance to volunteer with ACK and take part in their amazing work!


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