The Inspiring Kirsty Dand

This Morning I had the joy of meeting the very modest and inspiring Kirsty Dand. We talked over coffee about her organisation. Despite the busy day and minor recording issues during the interview- It was a pleasure to talk to Kirsty and hear her opinions on some vital issues in Dundee. You may have heard or read about her Shoe Box Appeal. Last year Kirsty started her own non-profit organisation to collect shoe boxes filled with toys for the children of Dundee who live in poverty. As disheartened Kirsty was after the referendum last September, she took things into her own hands to help the children in Dundee, those who’s families may not be able to afford presents. It was really inspiring to see what just one person can do, last year she collected just under 400 boxes and this year hopefully more!

I will be including my interview with Kirsty in my article which will be posted in December where you can read more about Kirsty and the incredible appeal she is doing to improve children’s Christmases in Dundee.

In the mean time, I strongly recommend donating a shoe box to the organisation; it’s such a heart-warming and rewarding thing to do and would make a Merrier Christmas for a child near you.


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