From factors to Advantages

“soon you can start your own business!”

something I’ve heard from my family throughout my time at university. Being the first one to venture into university within my family, they have this vision of me being the successful artsy woman who owns her own shop. But had I ever really thought of what having a business would be like? How would it work, run and all the other cogs that help the model turn. Those are the things I never considered when picturing myself in the position. I’m now finishing up my 3rd year of university, and to be specific to this blog, finishing the design enterprise module. This module offers a creative take on designing your own business proposal, which has lived up to my expectations.

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“Put people at the centre of your organisation.”

I’ve chosen to go down a route I feel familiar in, something community orientated. After my experience volunteering and working with the community, I knew from that moment that I wanted to work with people. But what will work?  Is it demanded? Well that’s what I need to find out. No amount of reading can give you the answer to a successful business. It can depend upon countless factors. In my own strive for the perfect business plan, I felt a creative route was best suited. Dundee’s creative community is only growing, so why wait to design something that will only help flourish the locals skills.

“Execution matters a lot, but timing might matter even more.” Hearing this on a Ted talk is where I started to really narrow down my idea, to use timing to my advantage. I want to pull from everything I’ve learned throughout this semester to design something I’m not only proud of, but something that can truly succeed.


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